Polar Automotive is a S.A. Family owned and operated business. We provide prompt and professional mobile installation of all types of spot lights, LED bar lights and strip lighting, for all types of vehicles for the purpose of extra illumination on the road ahead, in the cargo area, on the work site or around the camp site. We can supply and install or just install all of the popular types and brands at your home or work place.

All lighting systems are installed in accordance with Australian design rules and laws, with the most up to date information regarding fitment from vehicle and product manufacturers alike. 

Things to consider when choosing an installer

  1. Does the installer have qualifications and experience in an automotive field?

  2. Do they have the necessary knowledge to work on the electrical system of my vehicle?

  3. Are they insured to work on my vehicle and how will that affect my insurance in the event of an accident?

We can supply and install, or just install, all brands and types at competitive prices with the convenience of coming to you, whether at work or home, in the metropolitan area of Adelaide and selected outer suburbs


Give us a call, we are more than happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote with all products and workmanship guaranteed.